Mobile Milling

With the whole timber industry not only locally but nation-wide, restructuring -- gearing up to cut only small diameter and plantation timbers, small mills closed, larger mills shutting down and relocating for supposedly increased cost efficiencies, have created a fantastic window of opportunity for the very small and highly transportable mobile mills.

The most famous mill - the Peterson Portable Saw Mill - invented by American-born Carl Peterson, developed in Fiji a concept suited to third world countries - seen as today "Walkabout" sawmills. These mills are the most earth friendly mills able to be wheeled or carried into the densest bush without disturbing the flora or soil - lessening impacts associated with erosion, pollution, etc.

The Billinudgel Wood Working Company proudly owns and operates two of these mills -

  • a 10" cut circular saw mill, able to cut a 260 x 260 mm timber beam up to a 520 mm x 260 mm beam or any size up to these sizes.
  • a 1.6 meter wide cut dedicated slabber - able to cut dining room tables, bar tops, etc - up to 1600 mm wide (standard) very accurately up to 6.2 meters long (standard) -

Using a very affordable chainsaw chain technology, the cutter chain has a higher tolerance to nails, dirt, etc, found in salvaged timber from roadsides or housing estates.

These mobile mills can fit in the back of a small utility vehicle or trailer & can be fully erected in 20-30 minutes and be cutting extremely accurate timber immediately with minimal experience

These mobile mills have a total weight factor of approx 450 kgs each unit

Our smallest mobile mill - one man can carry - is a Stihl 090 on a "Westford" chainsaw mill. This can mill a log accurately up to 40" wide (1 meter) and only requires approx 3 ft (900 mm) each side of the log clear to work.

Slope of terrain is unimportant.

All these mills can be set up over the log - eliminating the need to move the log. Sometimes a log may weight up to 20,000 kgs (20 tons) so traditionally a large bulldozer would be needed to move the log to a truck, a large loader/forklift to move the log into a mill and then a complex milling system to recover the valuable timber.

Today 2 people can set up a single saw mill in 30 minutes, over the log, and recover the highly valuable timber without the log moving.

The Billinudgel Wood Working Company -
Keeping the Tradition Alive!