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The Billinudgel Wood Working Company was created after 30 years "hands on" experience in the hardwood timber industry. Founder woodcrafts- man, Stan Ceglinski, made a conscious decision to utilise gained skills and knowledge, carrying out salvaged timber and milling operations, to cater to the Australian and international market.

Part of this "hands on" experience that Stan has received is from over 170 national trust, heritage, restorations, resorts and private jobs with handsplit Australian shingles, post & rail fences, bark huts, split slabs, palings and hewn beams to mention but a few, and all of this from local state forests in the Mt. Warning Caldera.

Stan started off cutting firewood, posts, poles and girders and swiftly moved on to designing and building bridges, barns and furniture (of which includes furniture in the "African Water Hole" exhibit at Taronga Park Zoo, and restaurant refurbishment at the "Post and Rail Steak House" at Airlie Beach, North QLD).

Stan was one of the first on the far North Coast of NSW to utlise mobile sawmilling systems. Today Billinudgel Wood Working is an agent for and operates 2 Peterson Mobile Sawmills - one of the world's finest "walkabout" and entry-level sawmills.

These days, as well as salvaging and milling trees, Stan can be seen at select Australian wood trade expos educating and entertaining crowds on traditional skills, techniques and timber technology.

Portfolio - Photos

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