Post & Rail Fencing

Handsplit, mortice and tennon post and rail fences are manufactured mainly 2-rail but also 3-rail as per NSWs early settlements.

Standard Posts
Posts are split from durable (class 1) timbers to resist insect and bacterial attack. Can be round or square, normally 300 mm longer than intermediate posts and generally oversize

Intermediate Posts
Normally 1.85 meters long and 250 - 300 mm wide, 75 - 100 mm thick, have 1.2 meters above ground exposed.
As "in ground" durability doesn't apply, these timbers are chosen from class 3 species and better - they are selected mainly for splitability.

Due to scarcity of long straight splitting logs, 2.4 meters length is a standard, width approx 250 mm, thickness approx 50 - 70 mm.

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