Architectural Timber

Australian hardwoods are world class, from rich reds, ivory blonds and honey golden browns comes also durability, longevity, structural strength, and beauty.

Salvage operations source timber from highway/road making, housing development, eshouse2.jpgtates, culling sick trees, occasionally yield old growth and large diameter logs hundreds of years old.

These timbers are sought after for special sizes or qualities. The versatility of our mills enables us to comfortably cut up to 14 meters in length and a sectional size up to 525 x 250 mm.

Some products are:

  • square posts up to 250 x 250 mm and larger
  • stair treads (internal and external)
  • beams
  • bridge girders
  • round poles, untreated native hardwoods a specialty
  • faced logs (poles with one or more sawn faces to expedite construction)
  • mantle pieces
  • framing timber
  • rough sawn boards for processing into flooring, decking - special species ie ironbark, turpentine, etc
  • spiral staircase (central pillars)
  • turned columns - elegant, magnificent turned posts up to approx 500 mm diameter and up to approx 5 meters long

Some notes of interest
Density of most of these 'special' timbers ranges from 860 kgs/m3 to approx 1250 kgs/m3. The strength and stress grade of these timbers in terms of 'F' range from F8 to F27 as green off saw, unseasoned, and seasoned, F14 to F43!

Please refer to the the
Wood Chart on the main Timber Sales page for a clear description of species and availability.

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